Financial Disputes

Financial DisputesWe fully understand that the financial aspects of a relationship breakdown can cause the most stress and concern for clients who are often desperately worried and upset about how they will manage post separation.

We offer sympathetic but pragmatic advice on the financial matters during both divorce and separation cases. We consider all options with our client to include mediation and negotiations with the other party.

Wherever possible, we aim to settle disputes without the intervention of the Court as Court Proceedings are not only very stressful but also costly.

In cases where we achieve a settlement, we advise and can prepare for clients clean break orders which during divorce proceedings will ensure the parties achieve a clean break in life and death.

However, in certain instances, negotiations will breakdown and we then carefully assist and guide our clients through the Court process when making applications to the Court for a Financial Order. These proceedings are more complex and can often take up to six to nine months to finalise.

We are with the client throughout the process but continue to strive towards a settlement to avoid the client incurring the cost of expensive contested hearings. We pride ourselves on fighting our client’s corner and achieving the best possible results.