DivorceMelanie Lazarus & Co specialise in helping and advising clients during the divorce process.

Melanie Lazarus is a specialist divorce solicitor. The breakdown of a marriage is often a stressful and difficult time for both men and women and we guide you through the process helping you to move forward.

We always recommend that you seek legal advice if you have children, have been married for more than five years and have assets to divide.

A client can only file for divorce once he or she has been married for over one year and we advise those who wish to commence divorce proceedings as the Petitioner and the facts upon which a client can rely for example adultery, unreasonable behaviour. We also give advice to those who have been served with the divorce proceedings namely the Respondent in the divorce and consider the options available when dealing with those proceedings for example, allowing the divorce to proceed undefended, cross petitioning or defending etc.

We conduct all the necessary work involved taking you from the issuing of your Divorce Petition to Decree Absolute stage.
We aim to do so at a pace appropriate to your particular case taking into account other factors such as ongoing children proceedings and financial disputes.

We will finalise your divorce in the most cost effective way.