ChildrenWithout doubt, the arrangements for the children on a breakdown of a marriage or a relationship are the priority for all couples who separate.

We aim to assist in resolving disputes and achieving a fair and balanced outcome for all concerned taking into account what is in the best interests of the children.

Wherever possible, we seek to negotiate with the other party to reach an agreement which is acceptable to both parents as to the future arrangements for their children. We do so in a sensitive and non-confrontational manner.

However, in certain cases, it is not always possible to achieve an agreement between separating parents as to the future care and contact arrangements for their children and in those instances, we give the appropriate advice and guidance on helping clients through the Court process when making applications in respect of future care arrangements.

We also can advise clients on other types of applications such as applications for a specific issue order, prohibited steps order. These applications often address issues such as where a child will attend school, choice of religion etc.

We provide advice on the subject of maintenance for children and how much a resident parent or absent parent can expect to either receive or pay in respect of the children of the relationship.

We seek to do so in the most cost effective way.